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#math trivia #249 solution

#math trivia for #September6: #249 follows this pattern: 49 is a 2nd power. What other three-digit numbers also have this pattern? — Burt Kaliski Jr. (@modulomathy) September 7, 2013 Every number is a first power of itself, so 100 through 199 all have the pattern. For the remaining powers: 2nd power —  2 followed by … Continue reading

Keeping the Sky(lab) from Falling

It was a crowd-sourced crisis response of sorts, the anticipated but mostly uncontrollable descent of Skylab from its perch more than 200 miles above the sky back to earth in 1979.  News reports alerted of the impending surrender of the United States’ first space station to the forces of gravity and atmospheric friction, and watchers … Continue reading

A Universe of Amazing Science and Technology

The most recent and sophisticated of the number space probes sent from Earth to Mars landed on the Red Planet five weeks ago, continuing a remarkable record of exploration of our fascinating neighbor. While most of Earth has been mapped out (at least the parts on land), Mars and the rest of the multi-billion-light-year vast … Continue reading

The New Terra Nova

If you were traveling to what is today called Newfoundland in the late 15th or early 16th century, you might be an Italian explorer on an expedition from England, or an English, French, Portuguese or Spanish fisherman, en route to “Terra Nova,” the New Found Land. And if it was 500 years earlier, it turns out, you … Continue reading