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#math trivia #180 solution

#math trivia for #June28: #180 has prime factorization 2*2*3*3*5 and profile 2+2+3+3+5=15. Is there a larger number with a smaller profile? — Burt Kaliski Jr. (@modulomathy) June 29, 2012 The “profile” of a number is a term I made up for this problem (though others may have used it first). It seemed like a good … Continue reading

#math trivia #247 solution

#math trivia for #September4: #247 is the difference of two squares and the product of two primes. What are they and how are they related? — Burt Kaliski Jr. (@modulomathy) September 5, 2013 Answer:  The squares are 256 and 9; the primes are 13 and 19. The relationship is as follows: 256 is the square … Continue reading

#math trivia #174 solution

#math trivia for #June22: #174 is yet another tri-composite (product of three distinct primes). What’s the next one? — Burt Kaliski Jr. (@modulomathy) June 23, 2012 Answer: The next tri-composite after 174 is 182, which is the product of the three distinct prime factors 2, 7 and 13. (I found this by trial and error, … Continue reading